SINS Launches Today!
posted in June 25th 2014

Sinners all around the world, today is your day!

We're delighted to launch the most eccentric & sinful rock band ever: SINS.

SINS brings to you the only heavy metal band in the world which is entirely based on the deadly sins concept: it's modern, heavy, crazy, kick-ass, better than anything else and brought to you by the biggest sinners in the world: Pryde, Lust and Greed.

In early 2013, the concept for SINS sprouted from the brain of the root of all sins: Pryde. Both his compositions and his guitar playing are as splendid as he is and shredding is his second nature. Pryde before destruction indeed! Although he considers himself superior to all other guitar players, Pryde is proud to have teamed up with his excessive buddy Greed, to form the strongest, fastest and meanest guitarduo in heavy metal today! Greed’s participation in SINS shall at last bring him the wealth and power that he desires so much. Roaming the stage with these two is the voice of SINS, searching mainly for sex: singer Lust. With his raw, melodic and at times high pitched vocals, he takes the music to another level, into heaven...or is it into hell? That's for you to judge!

SINS will release their first self titled EP in August 2014 featuring four amazing tracks: Restless Sinners, Pay The Price, Face to Face and Dark Matter.

Check out our first song Restless Sinners right now in the Media section.

Enjoy & Rest In SINS!


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