SINS EP Gets Another Great Review
posted in August 28th 2014

Check out this new great review of our EP by Total Metal Zone (link in French only but we've translated it below for you!):

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'Rate: 19/20

Musical slaps in your face are pretty rare but when they come, you're happy to take them on. I took a big one with the band SINS from Amsterdam - The Netherlands and I'm asking for more, like a masochist. The SINS EP has got 4 extremely energic, fast & catchy songs. A real boost. The dutch guys really produce so much energy through their songs. Live, it must be so crazy intense. I'd really like to see them live nearby to experience this, Face To Face like the band sings in their 3rd song. If you're after great music, order the CD ( The Dutch local scene is reminiscent of the French with a lot bands who grow thanks to you. So, don't hesitate anymore, the SINS EP is waiting for you.'

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