Welcome to our new BAss Player: ENVY!
posted in March 3rd 2016

Hello there sinners,

Today is a pretty sinful day! Yeah! We finally found 'Envy!'
Who would have thought Hungary would get us such a sick, jealous yet extremely talented bass player.

His addition to the SINS lineup now means that we're complete and that we're ready to hit the stage so lock up your daughters!

Stay tuned for some more exciting news coming up very soon and Rest in SINS!


SINS takes part in Jared Dines' Battle Of The Bands Contest
posted in July 27th 2015

SINS is participating to Jared Dines' Battle Of The Bands contest. SUPPORT US by writing 'SINS' in the comment section of the following video & ask all your sinful friends to Thumbs up your comment:

We're counting on you!!!

SINS EP To Be Released on iTunes on March 1st
posted in February 13th 2015

To all the digital sinners out there,

We're very pleased to announce that we will release our SINS EP on iTunes on March 1st! It will also be available on Amazon, Spotify & 30 other digital platforms.

Stay Sinful!

SINS EP Gets Awesome Review By Zware Metalen
posted in January 28th 2015

SINS debut EP got another great review by Zware Metalen!
For all the dutchies, check it out here: www.zwaremetalen.com/recensie/30804/Sins-Sins

We've translated it for everybody else down below:

'SINS is a great example of how a band can rock & roll in a power metal-like way, without losing energy. The raw power and aspirated production fit nicely with the eighties rock, which will even manage to move some of you thrashers out there. I've given the EP a few listens and it just got progressively better for me. Restless Sinners, Face to Face and Dark Matter offer us American power metal combined with groovy rock vibes, that manage to stay stuck in your head thanks to some memorable vocals in the choruses. Also much appreciated are the heavy solos, the up-tempo bass drums and the roaring and smashing guitar play. Yeah, I'm ready for that inevitable full-length!'

SINS Debut EP Gets Great Review From Lords Of Metal
posted in November 30th 2014

Our debut EP got another great review! This time by Lords Of Metal, a notorious and influential dutch webzine.

Check it out: http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/en/reviews/view/id/28296

"Sins is a sleazy hard rock trio hailing from Amsterdam, which was founded in the beginning of 2013 and consists of main song-writer Pryde (guitar, who also took care of the bass and drum programming), guitar player Greed and singer Lust, who give their first sign of life via this eponymously entitled four track demo. And they do that quite meritorious, that has to be said. The energy radiates from the four songs on offer here and as a result of that things sound really fresh. The best track of the disc is in my opinion opener ‘Restless Sinners’, but also the other three songs ‘Pay The Price’, ‘Face To Face’ and ‘Dark Matter’ definitely have their charm. I’m quite positively surprised by what this for me totally unknown outfit has to offer on this demo and am therefore really looking forward to their first full-length album, because that will only be a matter of time with this level of quality."

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